Reviews A-Z

All my reviews are listed in alphabetical order by the authors surname:

Aaron, Celia: Counsellor (Acquisition #1)
Aaron, Celia: Magnate (Acquisition #2)
Aaron, Celia: Sovereign (Acquisition #3)
Ahern, Cecelia: Flawed
Albert, Melissa: The Hazel Wood
Amsterdam, Steven: The Easy Way Out
Arlidge, M.J.: Hide and Seek
Arntson, Jennifer: Scavenger Girl - Season of Atchem (#1)
Arntson, Jennifer: Scavenger Girl - Season of Talium (#2)

Barrett, Andrew: The Third Rule (Eddie Collins #1)
Barrett, Andrew: Ledston Luck (Eddie Collins # 4)
Barrett, Andrew: The Note (Eddie Collins novella)
Bay, Louise: Indigo Nights
Bosso, E.M.: F.B.O.M
Brookmyre, Chris: Black Widow (Jack Parlabane #7)
Brown, Elizabeth: The Lessons

Cain, Nancee: Tempting Jo
Carey, Lisa: The Stolen Child
Cash, Michael Phillip: Monsterland
Collins, Bill: Making & Using Caramel
Cowleigh, Amanda Leigh: The Cold Hard Truth
Curtis, Gayle: Too Close

Davis, Audrey: The Haunting of Hattie Hastings Part One and Two
Dillon, Lucy: All I Ever Wanted
Duncan, Katlyn: As You Lay Sleeping


Farrar, Marissa: Skewed (Mercenary #1)
Flint, Sarah: Mummy's Favourite (DC Charlotte Stafford #1)
Flint, Sarah: The Trophy Taker (DC Charlotte Stafford #2)
Flint, Sarah: Liar Liar (DC Charlotte Stafford #3)


Hamer, Kate: The Doll Funeral
Hammond, Chloe: Darkly Dreaming (Darkly Vampire Trilogy #1)
Hamilton, Emma: Christmas Cravings
Hannah, Sophie: The Other Half Lives (Culver Valley Crime)
Hart, Miranda: Is It Just Me?
Hollis, Rachel: Smart Girl


James, Stuart: The House on Rectory Lane
Jarlvi, Jessica: When I Wake Up
Jewell, Lisa: I Found You
Jones, Conrad: Nearly Dead (Detective Alec Ramsay #0)

Kelly, Cathy: The Year that Changed Everything
Keyes, Marian: The Break
King, Stephen: The Shining 
Klein Ross, Helen: Someone Else's Child
Kovacik, Cindy: My Daddy The Serial Killer

Lake, Alex: After Anna
Lam, Laura: Shattered Minds
Larsen, Veronica: Enamor
Lewis, Susan: Behind Closed Doors
Long, Andie M.: Journey to the Centre of Myself

Mason, Nina: Starry Knight (The Knights of Avalon #1)
Mason, Nina: Dark and Stormy Knight (The Knights of Avalon #2)
Melyan, Lana: The Eternity Road (#1)
Melyan, Lana: The Eternity Road - The Return (#2)
Michaels, Jess: Tempted (The Wicked Woodleys #3)
Michelle, Lori: Dual Harvest
Morton, B.A.: Bedlam
Moyes, Jojo: One Plus One
Moyes, Jojo: Paris for One (and other stories)



Paige, Laurelin: First Touch (First and Last Kiss #1)
Paige, Laurelin: Last Kiss (First and Last Kiss #2)
Picoult, Jodi: Small Great Things


Ralston, Duncan: Salvage
Rice, Anne: Vampire Lestat
Robertson, Barb: Queen of the Pine Curtain (The Seeker Series #1)
Rochelle, Gina (Shaw, Misty and Admans Jaime): Christmas Wish Come True

Schulz, Teresa: Unwilling to Break
Slater, Tony James: Shave My Spider
Skye. Fiona: Child of Clay (Those Who Are Awake #1)
Spero, J.D.: Forte
Struthers, Shani: The Haunting of Highdown Hall (Psychic Surveys #1)
Struthers, Shani: Old Cross Cottage (Psychic Surveys #4)
Struthers, Shani: Blakemort, A Psychic Surveys Companion Book #1
Struthers, Shani: Thirteen, A Psychic Surveys Companion Book #2
Struthers, Shani: The Venetian (This Haunted World #1)
Struthers, Shani: The Eleventh Floor (This Haunted World #2)
Styles, Daisy: The Code Girls

Tarr, Susan: Phenomena, The Lost and Forgotten Children
Taylor, C.L.: The Treatment
Taylor, Kathryn: Unbound (Colours of Love #1)
Taylor, Kathryn: Uncovered (Colours of Love #2)
Taylor, Kathryn: Unleashed (Colours of Love #3)
Thomas, Sean-Paul: The Old Man and the Princess



Walsh, Mikey: Gypsy Boy
Watson, Sue: We'll Always Have Paris
Wildenstein, Olivia: Rose Petal Graves (The Lost Clan #1)
Wolfe, Trisha: With Visions of Red (Broken Bonds #1)




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