Review Policy

Please note that my review schedule is full at the moment so I will not be accepting any new request for the next couple of months - thank you for understanding.

I will happily review most genres of books but please contact me first on to see if I have space to add your book to my schedule. I am a full time working mum and have overbooked myself in the past and so I will be more careful not to do so in the future.

I post reviews on my blog, GoodReads, Amazon UK/US and I also share links to my blog reviews on Facebook and Twitter. 

As above I like a good mixture of genres in particular:

Fiction - crime, thriller, romance, young adult, paranormal, little bit of horror (read in broad daylight), historical fiction, relationships, bit of erotica, supernatural - vampires etc.

Non-fiction - my other love besides books is cooking so I am happy to review cookbooks as well. 

Format: I do love books in print, but also understand the moving times so I got myself a kindle and can accept e-books. 

Rating - my scores are out of 5 and I will not post any review that has less then 3 stars as I don't believe in destroying authors hard work just because I didn't like the book. Review is an opinion and if I feel that I won't be able to review a book I will contact the author to let them know.

Book Tours - I have no experiences with those as yet but I am open to anything and will try and host one when offered.

I am an amateur book reviewer so please treat me as such. I don't do advertising, but I am happy to post interviews and links to author's pages once I have reviewed their book.