Wednesday, 3 January 2018

The Eternity Road (1) by Lana Melyan


When at her eighteenth birthday Amanda blows out the candles on her birthday cake, she wishes that Craig, her best friend Hanna’s brother, would finally notice her.

Her wish comes true less than half an hour later when Hanna gives her a present - an antique bracelet. To Amanda's astonishment, Hanna says, that the present isn't just from her, but also from her brother. But that isn’t the only surprise.

Later, Craig tells Amanda that two men are following her and that she is in danger, but he’ll do anything to keep her safe. This announcement brings up a lot of questions. Why did she suddenly become the center of Craig’s attention? What did these men want from her and who were they? But even though Hanna and Craig know what’s going on, they refuse to give her the answers.

What Amanda doesn’t know is that the men following her aren’t humans, but vampires. And Craig and Hanna, who moved to Green Hill to be close to her and protect her, are not ordinary people. They are the legendary Hunters, the ones who rid the world of supernatural evil. Strange, vivid dreams help Amanda understand that she has a mission. But she has no idea where this mission leads her and how close she is to uncover the deep secrets of her life.

My review:

This was a little bit of an easier read for me. Well written with likable characters and good ongoing story. If only I've realised it was first in a series and I will have to wait for the next book.

Amanda doesn't know who she is. Or better said she thought she knew who she was until her 18th birthday when the strange dreams started. In the dream she wakes up in a strange empty house. But she knows the house has something within it with strang pull that she cannot ingore.

Things go from bad to worse really quickly and Amanda soon realises that the world she thought she knew doesn't exist. That the stories she read about monsters lurking in shadows are true and she is part of something big and there is no way out.

The setting for this book was well thought out and all characters played well together. The bits sets in the past helped to paint a good picture of how each person developed into who they were today.

I very much enjoyed this book so big thanks to the author and TBConFB for giving me access in exchange for an honest review.

My score: 4/5

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