Tuesday, 19 December 2017

The Other Half Lives (Culver Valley Crime) by Sophie Hannah


Ruth Bussey knows what it means to be in the wrong - and to be wronged. She once did something she regrets, and was punished excessively for it. Now Ruth is trying to rebuild her life and has found a love she doesn't believe she deserves. Aidan Seed is a passionate, intense man who has also been damaged by his past. Desperate to connect with the woman he loves, he confides his secret: he killed a woman called Mary Trelease. Through her shock, Ruth recognises the name. And when she's realised why it's familiar, her fear and revulsion deepen. The Mary Trelease that Ruth knows is very much alive...

My review:

From time to time I go back to my own library of paperbacks I have collected over the years and pick out a real cracker. And this was definitely one of them. Second novel by Sophie Hannah that I have had the pleasure to read and happy to say there are another three on my shelves that I can look forward to reading.

Sophie has a real talent in getting the reader involved in the story, not giving anything away until the last few pages and letting you get completely engrossed in the lives of all the characters.

When Ruth turns up at the police station to see Charlie Zaylor, she has no idea that this one step will start an avalanche of events that will change her live and the lives of all of those she loves. The man she loves told her that he killed a woman called Mary Trelease. But to Ruth that’s not the problem. The problem is that she know the woman and she is very much alive.

From there on things spiral very quickly and events from decades ago have to be brought up to surface in order to understand the present. The characters have a real live to them which forces the reader to experience their emotions and have a proper relationship and involvement with the story.

Fabulous book, a proper page-turner.

My rating: 5/5

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