Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Forte by J.D. Spero


Back in New York City, piano filled Sami McGovern's life, but moving upstate has changed everything. Thanks to the coach at Skenesboro High, Sami's volleyball skills blossom like magic. But success comes at a cost, and the same sports drink that makes her a superstar silences her music. Worse still, to stay in the "in" crowd, she must betray the few true friends she has made in the tiny town. Her one hope: fulfil a prophecy to end the magic before it destroys her...and everyone else in its thrall.

My review:

Young adult fiction has for a while become somewhat stagnant in the whole vampire, supernatural genre, which I must admit I do enjoy as one of my guilty pleasures. But after reading Flawed by Cecelia Ahern and then this book I feel like this genre is now getting much bigger and covering more of the modern day issues that youngster these days have to face.

Forte started off slightly confusing and I couldn’t really identify with the main character Sami until about third of the book through. I found her too easy to jump between the two sides and I also found her so-called new friends unhelpful in their multiple warnings with no explanations – I would be frustrated so no surprise that Sami was. Being a pianist all her life, suddenly she signs up to the volleyball team. Her mum warns her against the team and the fascinating blue drink the athletes seems to drink like water, but of course being a typical teenager, Sami knows better and has to learn from her own mistakes before it’s too late and she loses her ability to play the piano forever.

What was quite well portrayed in this book was the peer pressure young adults go through to be with the cool gang, to be athletic, to look a certain way and to be noticed by the ‘right’ crowd. There is a clear sense of hierarchy and class separation at the school Sami attends as the new girl.

It’s an enjoyable book and I would say quite unique in its storyline and ideas.

Thank you to the author and the wonderful TBConFB for letting me read this book in return for an honest review.

My rating: 4/5

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