Friday, 2 September 2016

Journey to the Centre of Myself by Andie M. Long

Synopsis from Goodreads:

From the writer of The Alpha Series and The Ball Games Series comes a novel about relationships and following your heart. Two women. Two different paths in life.

Amber’s husband is pressuring her to have a baby. Amber wants to have fun. She gives in to her husband, only to find that all is not as it seems. Karen’s marriage is at its end, rocked by grief and lies. Newly redundant, she leaves on a flight to Berlin, to spend time alone and consider her future.

Amber is the temp who took over Karen’s job. But that’s not all the two women have in common. One woman's drunken kiss in a nightclub will lead to their paths crossing once again. Life is about to reveal new journeys for them both.

Journey to the Centre of Myself

My review:

This book has managed to make me go through various emotions whilst reading it, changing my thoughts on it as the story went on. There are some likable characters and some not so much and I am pretty sure it does reflect life as we know it in one way or another. I believe we can all identify ourselves with some parts of this novel.

I had to warm up to both Amber and Karen. I thought Amber was a selfish cow at first, but I also didn't think that she deserved what she got. On the other hand she played with fire and got her fingers burnt so maybe karma does have its ways.

Karen on the other hand was like your quiet plain Jane who finally found her voice. As her story unravels though it seems there is such a thing as wrong time and wrong place and she is not painted as the saint woman the author makes you think she is at the start of the book.

Their stories are connected throughout the book and the layers are carefully peeled off to let the reader in and make up their own mind. This is a book about relationships and it paints perfectly how complicated lives can be or how complicated we can make them. 

It was a very enjoyable read and I am grateful to the author and TBC for access to this book in return for an honest review.

My rating: 4/5

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