Thursday, 4 February 2016

The Dirty Secret by Kira A. Gold

Synopsis from Goodreads:

From the Desk of Donna Edith…
My services are unconventional. My clients come to me with needs and I match them to other clients with needs of their own…

Promising young architect Killian Fitzroy: Driven, clever, eager to prove himself. Starved for sex, though he’s come to me for professional assistance, not personal. Needs: Someone unique, creative and fast. An artist with a feminine perspective to breathe life into a house he’s built.

Aspiring scenic designer Vessa Ratham: Sensuous, spontaneous, but secretive. Recently returned to Vermont armed with an art degree that qualifies her for little more than waiting tables. Needs: An opportunity to shine.
Yes, Killian and Vessa will satisfy each other nicely—in more ways than one

 My review:

This book was filed under erotica genre on NetGalley, but upon reading the synopsis I thought there might be a little more to that.  And I am so glad I asked for access for this book as it turned out so much more then what the genre suggested.

It’s an intricate story of colours, design, architecture, senses and love.  Both Killian and Vessa have secrets that literally stop them living, but a specialist matchmaker with an insight into people’s soul (or so it seems), brings them together knowing how good they will be for each other. The attraction is obvious from the moment they first see each other.

Vessa accepts working for Killian designing the house he has built. Her ideas are so wild and almost supernatural and are described by the author so well, I found them easy to imagine. I fell in love with the house myself.

Their love story is special, sensual and really lovely to watch develop. They are both very likable characters and this book was a joy to read.

Thank you to NetGalley for access to this book in return for an honest review.

My score: 5/5

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