Sunday, 3 January 2016

Dark and Stormy Knight (The Knights of Avalon #2) by Nina Mason

Synopsis from Amazon:

Aspiring screenwriter Gwyn Morland is ready for her big break. That means securing the film rights to elusive author Lady Ruthven’s acclaimed novel—which means traveling to Scotland. It’s a trip timid Gwyn isn’t prepared for, and her fears seem justified when her tour bus careens over a cliff outside of Castle Glenarvon. But the plot thickens when Gwyn is rescued from the brink of death by a handsome and mysterious stranger…

Leith MacQuill is not only the writer behind Lady Ruthven’s novel, but a shape-shifting faery knight bearing a tragic curse: the woman he gives his heart to will die. Saving Gwyn proves to be a dangerous choice when he finds himself falling for her the longer she stays in the castle. Not even his usual BDSM role-playing games are enough to thwart the intense desire they feel for each other. But to stay together, Gwyn and Leith must embark on a dangerous mission into Avalon, the realm of the faeries. Will their love be strong enough to conquer the curse? Or will Gwyn’s new life be stolen from her before it’s even begun?

My review:

I haven't read any of the books from this series so this for me was a standalone novel and it read well like that.

At first I loathed Leith's character and couldn't get to like him. He was arrogant, cruel and some of his thoughts painted him in quite a selfish picture. But as Gwyn managed to get Leith to admit his true feelings and the history behind his curse came to light I understood why he was like that. He protects himself and anyone crossing his path by being unreachable.

After reading the first few chapters I decided I liked the book, it was a nice enough romance, with some pretty hot scenes in it, but I couldn't quite see where it was going. When Gwyn decides that she is willing to die for Leigh and sets of on a mission to get him rid off the curse the book suddenly got very interesting.

The worlds of druids and the fairy Queen Morgan were fascinating and certainly pictured magical beings in completely different way to our traditional fairy tales. It was a nice point of view and very well written, the imagination went rife and I applaud the author for making this much more then another romance novel.

I will look out for more booked from this author in hope they are as good as this one.

Thank you Netgalley for allowing me to read this lovely book in exchange for an honest review.

My rating: 4/5

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