Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The Eternity Road: The Return (The Eternity Road Trilogy #2) by Lana Melyan


The Book is open, the Hunters’ powers are back, but Fray’s plan is back in motion as he gets away with the Book. To Eleanor’s surprise, nobody rushes after him. Instead, Samson lets Fray go and asks Eleanor to put her trust in him once more. Leaving the Hunters with the task of finding the transitioning vampires, he and Craig depart on a secret mission.

My review:

I’ve been looking forward to reading and it did not disappoint. Now I have to wait for the next book to be written and can’t wait to find out where the journey takes us.

It’s easy to read, well-kept story-line that keeps you turning the pages.  There are great, likable characters and we get to find out so much more about them most of them in this second instalment, especially about Riley and Ruben.

There is a great bond between the Hunters and they are happy to see Eleanor back to her old-self, although it takes some time getting used to having their powers back. However, not all is happy-go-lucky and the story goes a bit darker in this book. The vampires are causing havoc and death and the whole family is affected by their actions including the only human in the mix and Eleanor’s (Amanda’s) best friend Kimberley.

The hunt for the transitioning vampires is on and it doesn’t look good. Fray has century and half of experience in hiding from the other hunters and the advantage of knowing how they work and think. However, he does not have their bond and determination. This makes for an exciting game of cat and mouse and a very good read.

Not giving away too much but this book differs from the first quite a lot. The first book gave us a fab insight into the hunters’ history, where this second one focuses on the hunt and the now.

Thank you very much to the author and TBConFB for access to this book in return for this honest review.

My rating: 4/5

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