Wednesday, 18 October 2017

The Eleventh Floor (This Haunted World #2) by Shani Struthers


A snowstorm, a highway, a lonely hotel…

Devastated by the deaths of her parents and disillusioned with life, Caroline Daynes is in America trying to connect with their memory. Travelling to her mother’s hometown of Williamsfield in Pennsylvania, she is caught in a snowstorm and forced to stop at The Egress hotel – somewhere she’d planned to visit as her parents honeymooned there.

From the moment she sets foot inside the lobby and meets the surly receptionist, she realises this is a hotel like no other. Charming and unique, it seems lost in time with a whole cast of compelling characters sheltering behind closed doors.

As the storm deepens, so does the mystery of The Egress. Who are these people she’s stranded with and what secrets do they hide? In a situation that’s becoming increasingly nightmarish, is it possible to find solace?

My review:

This is another cracker from the fabulous Shani Struthers. I love a good ghost story and Shani has got this brilliant talent in creating a believable world that you get lost in so easily.

The story follows Caroline, travelling through the states following the foot path of her parents. She gets caught in a snow storms and ends up having to stay at the old-fashioned hotel that she heard so much about from her mother. The Egress hotel has its charms but Caroline senses something strange within it walls.

Caroline meets various characters at the hotel and they each seem to have secrets and troubles of their own. There is also something sinister residing within the hotel’s corridors and following some terrible nightmares Caroline start fearing the strangeness of the place and how it is changing her, however the hotel has also given her the charming David for a company and she tries to focus on that as the happy part of her stay.

But this story is not just about fear and ghosts, it’s about a person’s journey, it’s about love and hate and history that can change someone’s path. I think this is so far my favourite book by Shani (well maybe on the same level as The Venetian). I suspected what was going on about half way through the book, but it still got a couple of tears out of me when it was done.

As I said this is a fabulous book for those long autumnal evenings, with the wind howling behind the windows and in the chimneys.

Thank you to the Shani and TBConFB for access to this book in return for this honest review.

My rating: 5/5

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