Monday, 8 August 2016

Mummy's Favourite (DC Charlie Stafford #1) by Sarah Flint

Synopsis from Goodreads:

He's watching... He's waiting... Who's next? 
Buried in a woodland grave are a mother and her child. One is alive. One is dead.

DC ‘Charlie’ Stafford is assigned by her boss, DI Geoffrey Hunter to assist with the missing persons investigation.

As more pairs go missing, the pressure mounts. Leads are going cold. Suspects are identified but have they got the right person? Can Charlie stop the sadistic killer whose only wish is to punish those he deems to have committed a wrong. Or will she herself unwittingly become a victim.

A gripping, heart-stopping crime thriller, introducing new series character DC Charlotte 'Charlie' Stafford of London Metropolitan Police.

My review:

This book is brilliant and I cannot wait to for the next instalment in DC Charlie Stafford’s detective carrier.

As the synopsis suggest, this crime story follow an investigation into the kidnapping of a mother and a child. The book follows from the Police investigation point of view and also from the mind of the kidnapper, although it does cleverly throw you of the trail with a couple of sub-stories that at first glance have nothing to do with the main investigation, but prove later on just how interlinked people’s lives can be.

Charlie is a good, intuitive detective with a good sense of justice, great visual memory and an invested heart. She is passionate about getting the right person in jail and getting closure for the victim’s families – something she has never had herself.

You can recognise the author’s own 35 years’ worth of experience shining throughout the book and it certainly helps set the scene for this series.

Thank you to the author, the publisher and NetGalley for access to this book in return for this honest opinion.

My rating: 5/5

Published by Aria 01 August 2016 and available in e-book format from:
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