Monday, 7 December 2015

Uncovered (Colours of Love #2) by Kathryn Taylor

Synopsis from Amazon:

She's fallen for him - hook, line, and sinker. Grace knows exactly how dangerous her feelings for Jonathan Huntington are, but her love for him nevertheless grows stronger each day she spends near him. Is he really as indifferent as he seems? Does Jonathan only see her as a willing plaything? When Grace tries to force him into showing his true colours, it leads to disaster...

My review:

This is a second instalment in the Colour of Love series and again I enjoyed it very much. To me the story is somehow believable and like a modern day Pride and Prejudice (with lots of hot scenes in it).

First book ended on a cliff hanger and left us wondering whether Jonathan could really change his lifestyle for Grace. This book starts off at that point and takes us through the emotional struggle that this heated relationship is for both Grace and Jonathan. Grace is still unsure about Jonathan’s feelings for her and how far he will allow himself to give in to whatever he feels for her. There come various obstacles in their love story, coming from his mysterious business partner Yuoto and also from the Earl of Lockwood himself, Jonathan’s father.

Grace finally learns more about Jonathan’s history which explains his inability to accept his own feelings and the love Grace so obviously feels for him.

Again this book didn’t disappoint me and I managed to finish it within 48 hours. I find the author’s writing style easy to read, the language isn’t overly fluffed up and the characters are likable and believable. I find myself rooting for Grace and Jonathan and feel that all the difficulties that come up in their relationship are really just making them stronger.

Thank you very much to Netgalley and Bastei Entertainment for access to this book in exchange for an honest opinion.

My rating: 4.5/5

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